Leading Crossover Learning

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“Interdisciplinary fusion” has become an important trait of high-caliber professionals in the 21st century. The ability to bring together specialized knowledge from various fields increases an individual's value in the workplace exponentially,while serving as a catalyst for innovation. ITRI College offers the knowledge represented by ITRI in the form of learning services for specialists in Taiwan's major and emerging industries.We have brought together talent, technical expertise, and experience that have been accumulated over the course of nearly 40 years in ITRI to train specialists across multiple disciplines.

By integrating a number of resources, including R&D areas, various domain experts, as well as advanced machinery, instruments, equipment, and environments,we have eveloped learning programs in " Innovation Competencies" and "Technology Domains" to enable businesses to enhance their competitive edge and the skill levels of their personnel.The Innovation Competencies are distinctive in that they are intricately linked. If we were to draw an analogy between innovation competencies in individuals and the human body, the brain would be the center for the creative thinking competency, while the four limbs would be the other four competencies in industrial analysis, R&D management,intellectual property management, and business development.This is the path to making the individual an all-inclusive innovation talent. ITRI has been acclaimed for its strength in integration among technology fields and focused on six major technology domains deemed to be critical for the future of industrial development in Taiwan. They include information and communications, electronics and optoelectronics, mechanical and systems,material,chemical and nanatechnology, medical device and biomedical, as well as green energy and environment.

ITRI is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies of global importance as well as to facilitating the establishment and development of new ventures and industries.This is also why we launch technology series programs in ITRI's specialized technologies.

In this era of global competition without boundaries, we are witnessing the tearing down of restrictions on areas of specialty and nationality. Interdisciplinary talent is an irresistible trend for high value jobs and is extremely important for individuals who want to give themselves a competitive edge. In addition to open enrollment programs, ITRI College's professional team in instructional design is skilled at customizing programs for special learning needs. Our cutting edge and original courses and curriculum in Innovation Competencies and Technology Domains can make you a "T-shaped talent" and ready to lead innovation.