Training Ground for Interdisciplinary Talent

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2018 09 07 091902ITRI College provides a feast of innovation learning resources based on interlinking the Innovation Competencies to the Technology Domains

Before any program in the series is offered, it undergoes competency analysis for required competencies by our instructional designers.

The learning program is then planned, designed, instructional materials developed, and a certification process prepared to verify student competency levels. The well grounded program has even attracted the attention of national research institutes abroad which have sent large numbers of top-level managers to ITRI to learn from our innovation expertise and experience.

Human capital is a business' most important asset and the force that drives company growth.Learning is the most valuable investment that a business or individual can make. Nothing gives a competitive edge like learning.Furthermore, a positive correlation exists between the quality of learning and the ideas behind program design.ITRI College attaches a great deal of importance to human capital and as such, is promoting high quality learning services to enable both businesses and individuals to unlock their innovation potential through continuous learning.With both market and learning needs in mind,ITRI College designed quality learning programsbased on professional competency requirements.Through continued investment in the intellect,students unleash a gushing spring of learning which waters their innovation potential.This can facilitate professional development for individuals and ensure a long-term competitive advantage for businesses.