Boot Camp for Technology Entrepreneurs

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Boosting Business Value from Innovation Strategies

Course introduction

2018 09 07 105354Boot Camp for Technology entrepreneurs is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills as they prepare to start up a new business. The course is a primer on market planning, risk assessment, operational strategies, and management techniques and focuses on various methods of obtaining ample resources to get a new business up and running, boosting the chances for success and helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Course highlight

  • Provides entrepreneurs know-how: Delves into market planning, risk assessment, operational strategies, and management techniques.
  • Stresses hands-on practice: Emphasizes case practice and studies, providing students with the comprehensive set of skills needed to establish a new business.
  • Provides avenues for entrepreneurial resources: Offers information on starting up a new business, avenues to quickly raise funds and models for raising capital.
  • Strong team of instructors: The course’s lecturers are prominent and experienced in the fields of business development, investment, and financing.

Course goals

  • To systematically cultivate people capable of starting up new businesses and increasing the percentage of success for such ventures.
  • To provide start-up know-how and discuss technology start-up models.
  • To assist students in forming start-up clubs, train them in the procedures involved in starting up a business, and write start-up prospectuses.

The course is aimed at

  • Persons preparing to start new businesses or who are interested in the start-up process
  • Recent entrants into the venture capital sector

Total Course Hours: 24
Extended learning serie

Name of CourseHours
Applying SunTze Art of War to strategic and resource management 6
New business models for companies through brand management 30
Commercialization of new products and marketing trends 6
Marketing strategies for competitive advantages and real project practice 6
Simulation of market competition 6
Numbers speak–Financial management training for non-financial managers 36
Presentation and charting skills 3
Introduction to industry research methodology 3
Practice in writing industry research reports 3
Capital investment and real case practice 6
Analysis of the development of mainland China's wireless communication market 3
Diagnosis and analysis of corporate operations 6