Industry Analytic

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Course introduction

This course is designed for mid- and upper-level management and strategic managers from any industry, whether in manufacturing, service, banking, securities, or information. The course is designed to enhance the ability of students to make judgments on as well as manage and analyze information, and boost decision-making skills.This course is the best choice for developing elite managers.


Course highlight

  • Provide current analysis of the hottest sectors and helps enterprises cultivate industry analysts
  • Teachers are standing by to assist small groups in case studies
  • Hone analytical skills for industry analysis
  • Build networks among students from different industrial sectors

Total Course Hours: 78
Course content

(1)Semiconductor industry trends
(2)Display technology industry trends
(3)Communications industry trends
(4)Electronics parts and materials industry trends
(5)Industry research

Extended learning series


Name of Course Hours 
Review of semiconductor industry and trend analysis 3
Status of and prospects for Taiwan’s biotechnology industry 3
Status of at panel display industry technology and industry trends 3
Application and development trends in nanotechnology 3
Assessment of food industry involvement in biotechnology
Review of and prospects for textile industry
Market forecasting and industry analysis
Information technology and basic services 3
Trends in electronics components and materials technology 3
Green technology and green industry prospects and opportunities 3
Current state of digital learning industry and analysis of development trends 3