Innovation Leadership

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Recipient of the 1973  Nobel Prize for PhysicsResearchers should change their area of research every five to ten years to learn new things. Daring to change, to focus on a new area of research is the best way to foster creativity.. 

──Dr. Ivar Giaevery's presentation entitled

"My Journey – from Immigrant Scientist to Nobel Prize Laureate to High-tech CEO" given at ITRI in October 2006 

Business innovation finds its roots in customer needs, keeps abreast of vision, is guided by strategy, succeeds in market realization, and is manifested in value creation. Furthermore, the know-how and skills required to realizing innovation is a combination of innovation strategy on the implementation side, business on the management side, and core competencies on the development side. To realize the goal of innovation, ITRI College is offering the Five Innovation Competencies programs in forms of the Innovation Leadership Forum, the Innovation Leadership Camp, and the Five Innovation Competencies Workshop to bring together the fundamental principles, spirit, and execution. These programs offer a perfect choice for right business audiences seeking to unlock innovation potential of an organization with various development needs.

Innovation Competencies—The driving force behind a business

Pic10 02Without innovation, businesses today cannot survive, much less grow. Many businesses, however, continue to "talk the talk," but never actually get around to "walk the walk." The major reason for this is that many key middle and top managers haven't got a clue as to how to lead their innovation teams and develop innovation strategies, much less realize their company's innovation potential. As a world leader in R&D and innovation, ITRI boasts its Creativity Labs of specializing in creative thinking and its Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center of specializing in industrial and market analysis. In the area of intellectual property management, it also has the Technology Transfer Center which specializes in value added processes and businesses to patents as well as other intellectual resources. ITRI leads the nation in invention patents and has a very impressive record in the area of intellectual property rights auctions. As to business development and incubation, ITRI's Open Labs was awarded by the Asia Business Incubation Association as the 2004's Best Incubator in Asia and as the Incubator of the Year for 2005 by the National Business Incubation Association of the US. With its solid foundation, ITRI's Five Innovation Competencies programs can more than satisfy a company's needs at each stage of the product life cycle and is the best way to enhance a manager's worth to his or her company in realizing innovation opportunities. If we draw an analogy with the human body, the Innovation Competencies would be the main body by which innovation professionals are shaped. The brain would be the innovative and creative thinking. The four limbs would be industrial analysis, R&D management, intellectual property management, and business development. The abilities developed by the five competencies are not only those needed by any innovation professional, they are exactly the areas where ITRI’s Innovation Competencies programs differ from other business training programs.