Patent Analysis & Intellectual Property Management

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Both the high-tech and traditional industrial sectors are increasingly focusing on patent analysis while many companies are making patents part of their core assets. The importance of patent analysis rests in mapping out the direction of technological development. Patent analysis helps to break through many obstacles in R&D, developing new rooms for successful inventions, reducing R&D expenses, and thus boosting international competitiveness. ITRI College has introduced a comprehensive patent analysis curriculum which makes use of charts and other tools to transform complicated patent information into practical, accessible knowledge. This helps industry to cut R&D costs and produce more valuable patents.

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Coursework highlights

  • Coursework focuses on the practical
  • Real case studies from the industrial sector and patent agencies are used to strengthen students' analytical skills
  • Small classes allow for interaction with instructors
  • The program offers certification Students that pass the certification exam will be given priority in becoming instructors in related courses at ITRI College.

Total hours: 35

Program outline

  • Aboutus T06 3Patent databases and patent searches
  • Patent management charting and case analysis
  • Small group projects
  • Patent technical charting and case analysis
  • Patent citation charting and patent citation indicators
  • Technology business development, practice, and individual instruction
  • Patent analysis and design, practice, and individual instruction
  • Patent licensing and negotiation, practice, and individual instruction

Dr. Hsu You-geng, Vice President and General Director, ITRI Technology Transfer Center

Stay on top of patent opportunities

PIC06cIn this era of wafer thin margins, battles over patents and intellectual property are emerging. However, there is an opportunity to be in the forefront of establishing business models for patents domestically. Patents are becoming a focal point of operations for companies. Commercializing intellectual property developed by R&D personnel is an important mission for ITRI. Patenting newly developed technologies gives a company a means to quickly establish a foothold in its industry and market. 

Extended learning series

Name of CourseHours 
Patent analyst certification 35
US patent infringement lawsuits in practice 36
US patent application (intensive workshop) 6
Taiwan patent infringement lawsuits in practice 6
Patent applications for researchers and developers 6